Our Class Rules

1. Listen when the teacher is talking

2. Use inside voices

Be efficient

Be respectful to EVERYONE

Fail forward

Why am I learning this?

Have you ever stopped watching or listening to someone speak, because their presentation was boring? Well let’s just say, we don’t want you to be THAT boy/girl. Finding different ways to present keeps your audience interested.

Can I only present using these tools?

Nope! Go ahead; think outside the box 😉

Why can’t you teach us how?

I will be walking around to help you learn how to use these tools, but only after YOU try to figure them out for yourself. I don’t want to just teach you what I know, and limit you to my brain’s capacity. I want you to explore and find out some things that I DON’T know so we can learn and fail forward together.

Try some new ways to present, and make them your own. Click around and learn how to use these tools to fit your style best. If you get stuck, seek me. We can fail forward, problem solve, and search for the answers together.

5th Mock Middle Activity List

K-4th Activity List

Presentation Exemplary






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