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Candy Donations

November 1st through November 8th
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Dress Up Days

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Picture Make-Ups/Retakes

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Pizza Battle

Calling All Stallions….
Please join in on Pizza Battle for the War of the Worlds. It’s Petry’s Alien Empire vs Hutchinson’s Heroes…. Show your school spirit by buying lunch on 11/15/2019, at the “Sanders Memorial Snack Bar” featuring Petry’s “Out of this World Pizza” or try Hutchinson’s “Heroic Pizza Pie.”

The 5 Things We Ask of Parents

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Our Design Principles

1. Students First

Decisions will be made with the students in mind

4. Failing Forward

Building perseverance and grit are key to learning

2. Learners Have Voice and Choice

Empowering learners to take part in designing their experiences

5. Changing the World Through Design

Students learn by engineering solutions to real world problems

3. Positive Relationships Lead to Positive Outcomes

Relationships within our school community are pivotal to our students’ success